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Family & Domestic

Family & Domestic

Child Custody

Whether going through a divorce or separating from your partner, custody of the children will need to be decided by agreement of the parents or it will be determined by a judge.  An experienced attorney can assist you with reaching an agreement with the other parent or to present your side to the judge for where the children should primarily reside, who should make the important decisions, and what visitation the other parent should have.  


Paternity is the legal determination of being named a child’s father.  It must be established if a child is born out of wedlock or conceived or born ten months prior to divorce or separation.  A father can be ordered to pay child support for years even if a child is later determined not to be his. It is important to contact an experienced attorney to determine your rights and obligations if paternity is an issue.        

Child Support

Parents are responsible for the care and support of their children even if the parents were never married.  Several complex factors are considered when a court enters an order for child support. An experienced attorney can assist with helping you obtain a court order providing the proper amount of support for your children or to modify an existing order. 

Spousal Support / Alimony 

Spousal support or alimony is an amount of money one spouse may be ordered to pay the other in a divorce case.  An experienced attorney can assist with getting you a fair amount or defending you from a frivolous claim. If you are seeking spousal support, concerned about your obligations to pay spousal support, or are seeking a modification of spousal support based on a change in circumstances, we can increase your chance of success.


If your ex-spouse or the other parent has not followed through with his or her legal obligations in accordance with a court order, our team will work with you to ensure enforcement. These actions may include failure to transfer property, failure to pay child support or spousal support, or not following a visitation schedule/parenting plan. We can also defend you when you have been accused of not following a court’s order.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse can be physical abuse, psychological abuse, or both.  Whether you are seeking protection from another, or you have been wrongfully accused, our attorneys can assist you in protecting yourself and defending your rights.   

Prenuptial / Premarital (prenup) and Postnuptial / Postmarital Agreements

Written agreements can help you protect your rights and assets if you are considering marriage or re-marriage.  Agreements may provide protection if you are married and considering divorce but are trying to work things out and stay together. Reasons to have a prenup including protecting children from prior marriages, determining financial rights and obligations, having protection from another’s debts, and avoiding arguments in case of divorce.     

Adoption / Guardianship / Foster Care

Adoption in West Virginia can be very difficult and frustrating. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping children find a loving home through the adoption process and ensuring that the adoptive parents receive all the rights and responsibilities for the child as his or her legal parent. Additionally, we can assist you in getting a temporary guardianship for a child whose parent(s) may temporarily be unable to properly care for them.     

Grandparent’s Rights / Visitation

Grandparents play a significant role in their grandchildren’s lives. Unfortunately, grandparents are sometimes prevented from seeing their grandchildren.  We can assist you in protecting your rights as grandparents and obtaining visitation, guardianship, or custody rights.   

Common types of family law cases

  • Child Custody
  • Paternity
  • Child Support Modifications
  • Spousal Support/Alimony Modifications
  • Contempt for Violations of Court Orders
  • Domestic Violence (Protections and Defenses)
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
  • Adoption/Guardianship/Foster Care
  • Grandparent’s Rights/Visitation
  • Emancipation