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Are you involved in a matter that may need litigated in court? Were you injured in an accident or a victim of medical malpractice? Are you facing federal or state criminal charges? Has your spouse mentioned or threatened a divorce? Does your visitation or child support arrangement need a review? If you answered YES to any of the above—it is time to give us a call.

We Love Working With Families

Family life can be complicated, especially for blended families. It’s not just your family…all families have issues. In the event that things don’t actually playout like a Facebook post, know that help is just a call away.

We Can Help Make Tough Situations Better

Are you or your business caught up in the state or federal criminal justice system? Regardless of the circumstances, this can be a very difficult situation. Make sure you get us involved as soon as possible.

We Mediate.

Children can survive and thrive when parents separate; however, conflict always hurts them. Some cases need to be fought in court but some can be resolved without unnecessary conflict and expense. A mediator can help parties resolve their case on their own terms.

We Are Veteran-Owned, and Serve Vets

If you are a veteran or in the military and you need help navigating the legal landscape—we are well prepared for your needs on both civilian and military matters.

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It is simple. Whether your marriage is a wreck or you’ve been in a wreck, we need to hear from you! Our team of attorneys has the experience and resources needed to assist you with your case. Call 304-984-6700 now.

Get in the Know

Once we have decided to work together, someone from our team will walk through the scope of our engagement so you are fully informed and know what to expect.

Be Ready to Fight

Whether it is an injury case, a divorce or something with your family, if you are engaged with us on the legal front—it must be important. We see ourselves as the tip of the spear—and we promise that we will fight to win.

About Us

Woody Hill – Attorneys At Law – PLLC consists of four attorneys with over 40 years of combined legal experience.  We tackle tough cases with a team approach. Together we have litigated hundreds of cases both state and federal, and have argued cases before the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia.  Very few attorneys can make that claim! While it’s true that most cases resolve without a trial, it’s important to have experienced attorneys on your side just in case.

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