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It's almost Christmas—Do you have a plan?

It’s almost Christmas—Do you have a plan?

Kids are just like the rest of us—other than unwrapping gifts, we really don’t like the unexpected. Remember, you got divorced or separated from the other parent—not the kids. Things can get messy and people can be difficult during certain times of the year…and Christmas is probably one of those times. Although this post is for you—it’s not necessarily about you. It’s about your kids.

Here are three simple things that will help you make the most of your time together over the holidays.

1. You probably already have a plan or routine, but make sure the kids know upfront what to expect. Are you going to church together? Will there be a family dinner? Or two? What happens on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning? 

2. Think about making good memories with your kids. Talk to your ex about this. It should not be a competition or a “must do” item. Really give some thought on how you can make it the best for the kids. If you focus on the kids’ happiness, you won’t have to be fake or frustrated. Trust me, the kids will know.  

3. Don’t dis the ex. Both parents should be encouraging, positive and sincere. Even though you are not together, you need to make sure the kids know that you and their other parent love them very much. Some kids might get two Christmases, and two holiday vacations—but it’s knowing that both parents really love them that matters.

So, get your plan together. Talk with the other parent and prepare to make some good memories for you and your kids. Making good memories for them will create good feelings and memories for each of you as well. If your situation is unstable or you believe you need professional help on this, don’t hesitate to call on us.

Wishing you and your family the very best this Christmas and Holiday Season!

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  1. Adam

    I couldn’t agree more. Kids need their parents to get along all times of the year and Christmas more than ever. As I was reading this I also couldn’t help but think of the children that may be in a home waiting to be adopted or fostered out that doesn’t have a family. Please pray that those kids have a great Christmas and that everything is at easy for them. My Moto is the children of today is not only the children of the world today but of tomorrow and always as they are growing to be adults like we are today. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

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