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Child Custody Planning —Whose weekend is it?

Child Custody Planning —Whose weekend is it?

Shared custody can go smoothly or it can get a bit bumpy. Some parenting plans work like a charm, and others can become quite contentious. Factors such as new significant others, work schedules, special school activities, vacations, holidays, illness, etc. can really add a “dose of life” to any parenting plan. 

Hopefully rational minds will prevail when life happens and each parent can simply discuss and agree on a suitable solution that works for the children and the parents.  

In cases where it is a constant battle to “stay on-track” we recommend keeping these three things:

1. Write it down – keep a detailed record of problems that arise but also good things too.  For example, make a note if you are given extra time or if you run late for an exchange and the other parent doesn’t complain.   

2. Ask yourself – has scheduling created that big of a problem, or am I just being difficult?  (Why you note the good things too.)

3. Keep it between the adults. Letting your frustration loose on the children will just make things worse.  Children can handle change, but conflict ALWAYS hurts!

If your ex isn’t playing like he/she agreed to and it starts creating a problem, contact our office today. We help families with parenting plans and other custody issues that arise. It might be as simple as a conversation, but if it needs further intervention—know that we are here and have the experience to help.

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